Clean Lettere: a day of Climbing, Trekking and ecological volunteer

Sunday, May 8, 2011 from 8:00 at 11:00, near the castle of Lettere (NA), there will be the event "Clean Lettere", organized by Direzione Verticale, sport association, naturalistic and cultural affiliate with Fasi (Federclimb) and Uisp Mountain League.

Ecological bags will be distributed to the volunteers, so the cleaning will take place. Those who get involved more than the others will be rewarded with a basic climbing course. There will then be a free demonstration of climbing techniques performed by experienced climbers and trekking along the paths of Lettere.

The Lattari Mountains range, which forms the backbone of the Amalfi coast and Sorrento peninsula, is rich of natural resources, environmental, landscape, cultural and productive, if carefully managed, represent a valuable development opportunity for the mountain itself.

Targeted interventions and alternative activities could change the logic of development of these territories, increasingly abandoned by young people due to lack of opportunity. The Direzione Verticale association with its projects and activities, such as "Clean Lettere", aims at the development of the area through sports and ecological activities, respecting nature and to discover – and rediscovered – cultural and environmental heritage of Campania.

Interview with Francesco Galasso, President of Direzione Verticale:

«How did the association Direzione Verticale born?»

«The association borns from the desire of people who look to their land as an opportunity of development, aggregation, of socialization. And want with their will, experience and ideas, of them self and others, to give Campania a drop of glory. Direzione Verticale is not just an association, I would call it "tool". We work autonomously to enhance tourism, the environment, youth, archeological and naturalistic heritage.

Our site has become not only an attraction for hundreds of visitors every day that populate the page with comments, opinions and frequent visits, but also a community to exchange and download photos, videos, maps and useful information.»

«How the association has operated for the purpose of carrying out the activities of 8 may? What is the event target? "

«The May 8 event, open to all, is not just pure and healthy outdoor recreation but is a "push" event, which aims to raise awareness of the participants.

I must say that I found great willingness on the part of the municipal administration of Lettere, particularly by councilor Todisco, who felt excited about this project as soon as we shown it so he fully embraced it.

Understand that the environment can give us not only unforgettable but unique views and archaeological heritage such as Lettere, would be the reason for making it a tourist destination unique in its kind: Castle and monuments that would envy those of the Scottish highlands, panoramic and always flowering trails… Harsh limestone rocks such as granite, towering as cathedrals of rock in the isolation of the Lattari Mountains, which, as you've defined, are the backbone of the peninsula and known throughout the world, the Amalfi/Sorrento coast.»

«What are the upcoming activities planned?»

«We are planning a big event that I love define, a global event. In the sense that we embrace all of our main activities and what we like more: music, art, archaeology, nature and sport! May 8 will be only a prelude to what we have in the pipeline for several months. But we are superstitious and let's just say that the next event will have the same frame, the northern slope of the Lattari Mountains, in particular Lettere and Sant'Antonio Abate, places where we have been working for several years for the new trails of climbing and hiking.»

Palma Emanuela Abagnale




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