Clean Lettere: Waste emergency? No thanks!

May 8, 2011 took place the event "Clean Lettere" organized by Direzione Verticale, Sport Association, naturalistic and cultural, affiliate with Fasi (Federclimb) and Uisp Mountain League. Thanks to that task were cleaned and arranged the trails and was so valued a lovely neighborhood that is part of the Lattari Mountains and where there is a beautiful medieval castle.

Francesco Galasso: "The initiative was attended by dozens of people. The activities have generated a lot of interest from all sides, municipalities have become available for the extraordinary opening of recently restored Castle of Lettere, a medieval bastion that overlooks the Sarno plain and Vesuvio. At a time when there is so much waste crisis in Campania, this event has provided a clear example of the fact that when you want to do something concrete for the territory, with the willpower of each, you can do it. Ecological packages consisting of gloves and bags were sold out immediately and stored waste-filled in the dumpsters. The result has been excellent since we enhanced an area scarred by uncivilized people. The scouts of Scafati have also done an excellent artwork of bioengineering building a wooden steps where the trail was more sloped making more practicable the fantastic area. With passion and commitment, Lettere soon will be a reference point for all targets, from the cultural – think of the Castle, very interesting from an archaeological point of view and historical, naturalistic and sporting: think of the great flowered paths and self-financed work (bolting and arrangement of paths) made by the association Direzione Verticale. Work done not only for fans of climbing and trekking, but for all those who love the environment and sport, starting by locals.»

In addition to the initiative of may 8, that would be desirable to extend elsewhere, there is in the pipeline to Lettere, an event even more important, in which participants will be entertained by musical groups and cultural activities: you can visit the Castle (with the guidance of some of the guys of Direzione Verticale) where you will also enjoy a stunning photographic exhibition by the photographer Miky Merisi.

Palma Emanuela Abagnale




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