Gaeta Climbing Multipitch – Montagna Spaccata

Climbing is also culture, a journey inside oneself but especially to discover fantastic places like Gaeta, a pearl of the Mediterranean from a special point of view, in Direzione Verticale. Montagna Spaccata was the location of our multipitch stage on long routes. We are in a corner of clear skies and warm sunshine, among Italy gripped by rain and risk situations, in Gaeta the area that marks the boundary between central and southern Italy that still has the strong character of the past...

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50 years goodbye Walter Bonatti – Goodbye mountaineering Matterhorn

Today 22 February 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of a great goodbye but also of a big feat. When in 1965 Walter Bonatti reached the summit of the Matterhorn along the "mythical" north wall, in one climb had taken at least three records: had opened a new route along the most inhospitable of the Matterhorn, doing it in solo and during one of the harshest periods of the year, in the winter. It was the year of the 100th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn and the...

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The legends of alpinism in the newsstand: first number w of walter

Mythical peaks, unforgettable moments and legendary expeditions that have made the history of mountaineering and perhaps of the world. «Stories of men and mountains" the collection of La Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere della Sera opens with the precious documentary by Rossana Podestà and Paola Nessi W of Walter, for the first time available on dvd. In the collection the feats of Walter Bonatti, Reinhold Messner, Jerzy Kukuczka, Simone Moro, David Lama, Hervé Barmasse and so many other...

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Alimuri Implosion

At Vico Equense, on the Sorrento peninsula, in the province of Naples, thousands of tons of concrete ruined the beautiful coastline of Alimuri. The building was designed as a luxury hotel right next to a rocky coast and just a few metres from the beach and bay on the coast of Sorrento. The works had stopped in the 1970s, after some legal problems. The municipality of Vico Equense with the help of other institutions, after many efforts have managed to find a way to shoot down one of the...

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Freeride Ski Stage – Off Piste Skiing

In skiing, freeride is the off piste activity in fresh snow, having as purpose the enjoyment and the sense of freedom which highlights the contact with nature, the free spaces, the fun, in some cases, the importance of the group, making secondary the competition. We go up the mountain by ski-lift and, for short stretches, sometimes, snowshoes or sealskins. In Italy the practice of off-piste skiing has been regulated in law 363/2003. Stage of freeride in the heart of the Southern Alps with...

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Bikkembergs inspired by the climbing

The discipline of climbing as an inspiration for the new collection of Dirk Bikkembergs and as always the elements that distinguish it are physicality and sportsmanship. To welcome the public, as "most scenic" that "climbers", super hefty in super tight jeans, carabiners, ropes, backpacks, climbing harnesses and technician vest equipped with pockets. Bikkembergs is inspired by the climbing emphasizing the physicality with statuary models that open up the last day of...

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Climbing on the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Salerno, Sorrento, Capri, Ravello

Climbing in Campania and in the Amalfi coast in winter, offers unique landscapes between stormy and ruched sea, lights that lie between the threatening clouds, the mule tracks that travel on fragrant lemon terraces, the smell of homemade desserts like the struffoli and hot sfogliate. The climbing here is an emotion that we must consume on south facing walls, which is a pleasant habit. The areas recently implemented in Positano are brand new nailing, virgin rock is a perfectly compact...

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Climbing Positano: le jardin des sauvage. A small Verdon in the garden of "La Selva"

Having a small in-house Verdon is not for everyone, but at La Selva it is! Travels of 35 meters, killer vacuum and drops! From the front door we do a route (figo) and here we are on a ledge, pull on a bag with every comfort and let's go, a day suspended in midair by dominating the coast! Obviously discovered by brilliant Gunter, today we inaugurate the ledge after a thorough makeover. We baptize it, Jardin des Sauvages! Here are the routes of La Selva (jardin des...

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Stage ice climbing (ice falls)

Ice climbing stage (ice falls) in the heart of the Gran Paradiso massif. Staying at the charming Rifugio Massimo Mila. Ice climbing (also referred to as ice falls) is a discipline arising from mountaineering and climbing. It is about climbing with the help of ice axes and crampons, and with the use of other materials, on icy formations like the couloirs and ice gully or seracs, high in the mountains or on the ice in the middle mountain. You can hook up on the ice using ice screws. The...

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Multipitch Stage (long routes) between Punta Campanella and Gaeta: a report

A corner of clear skies and warm sunshine, among Italy gripped by rain and risk situations, in Gaeta the area that marks the boundary between central and southern Italy that still has the strong character of the past southern kingdom of the two Sicilies. Between "tielle", Gaeta olives and mozzarella in the Lazio coast people have both the "roman" and the "naples" accent, a combination of often conflicting cultures. The stage has as scenery the Montagna Spaccata,...

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