Alessandro "Jolly" Lamberti on Egger 8b+(?) and his new book: Run Out

Alessandro "Jolly" Lamberti on Egger 8b+(?) (hyperlapse). In the beautiful beach of Molpa, Capo Palinuro, one of the most beautiful cliffs of the South Centre, one of the most beautiful lines for the high difficulty. The level proposed is around the 8b+/8c, but in winter conditions, without the strong Sun (October 26 we were still swimming in the sea) may be slightly easier. A new book by Alessandro "Jolly" Lamberti is coming. Available from November 15. RUN...

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Climbing Guide Coast of Amalfi

Climbing Guide Coast of Amalfi Alternative tourism in the Amalfi Coast for promotion and dissemination of the idyllic beauty of the Campania region. Direzione Verticale engaged in dissemination of information, data collection, outdoor communication on each channel, to an always clear and precise fruition of content but above all to bring more users to the area and then develop an increasingly important tourism induced. Around the magical coastal towns of Amalfi, Positano,...

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Clean up the Mediterranean: Let’s Do It! Mediterranean – Italy 2014

During the initiative Let's do It! Mediterranean alarming data emerges about the condition of our sea. In de days about 1200 volunteers cleaned beaches and waters of our coast. Citizen engagement has made possible the collection of 1500 waste bags. Tyres were recovered (even one of 300 kg), plastic, glass and over 2000 cotton bud sticks. In some cases animal remains. A puzzling fact that can make us understand what we find in our waters. In the video initiatives of: Ercolano,...

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#cometolife video

Production: Direzione Verticale Graphic design editing: Francesca Natale Locations: Positano, Punta Campanella, Lettere,...

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Support us! Donate

Who recognize the vital work done by route setters? A work made even more precious and noble for its almost always free and voluntary nature. If today you can climb with wide safety margins throughout Italy, is due almost exclusively to the work of these volunteers. Anyone can contribute with an euro....

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Adopt a Crag

The 13 April 2012 was the second consecutive year for the eco and sports initiative of the association Direzione Verticale, voluntary ecological and naturalistic works in the regional park of the Lattari mountains, with a particular interest dedicated to the cliffs equipped for climbing and flowering paths of Lettere (Na), where you can play dozens of activities in nature: climbing, trekking, archeo trekking, mountain bike , down hill, trail running. The cliffs of letters have been realized...

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PON and En Plain Air activities UISP

WALKING – BIKING – CLIMBING in nature: this is the title of the project PON F1 that the European Community has funded supporting the initiative of the SMS “O.Bordiga-Bordiga3” of Naples. A PON en plain air mountain sports, where external figures take part as experts belonging to the Mountain League Uisp Campania which promote, through laboratory activities, the basic principles of outdoor sports, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, activities that are conducted in safe environment...

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Food collection 2011

The Italians, for what concerns solidarity, are always in "first line", beyond even the situation of serious crisis affecting our country. And the latest "proof" in this sense occurred during the weekend just ended. Saturday, November 26 was in fact the national food collection day. Well, last weekend was collected 9,600 tons of food. It is therefore a "record", which as mentioned exceeds even the crisis being experienced by our country. Direzione...

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Bullies En Plain Air

Friday, 23 September, from 18:30 to 21:30, at the former combatants and veterans of Piazza Doria room, at Angri (Sa), the Direzione Verticale association will take part in the presentation of the documentary video "Napule Nun pò Murì", taken from "La storia siamo noi" by Gianni Minoli. MODERATOR: Dr. Dionisio Malandrino (Manager Oreste Bordiga Ponticelli, Na) INTRODUCES Francesco Galasso (Direzione Verticale Association President) PRESENTS THE VIDEO Prof...

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Clean Lettere: Waste emergency? No thanks!

May 8, 2011 took place the event "Clean Lettere" organized by Direzione Verticale, Sport Association, naturalistic and cultural, affiliate with Fasi (Federclimb) and Uisp Mountain League. Thanks to that task were cleaned and arranged the trails and was so valued a lovely neighborhood that is part of the Lattari Mountains and where there is a beautiful medieval castle. Francesco Galasso: "The initiative was attended by dozens of people. The activities have generated a...

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