Food collection 2011

The Italians, for what concerns solidarity, are always in "first line", beyond even the situation of serious crisis affecting our country. And the latest "proof" in this sense occurred during the weekend just ended. Saturday, November 26 was in fact the national food collection day.

Well, last weekend was collected 9,600 tons of food. It is therefore a "record", which as mentioned exceeds even the crisis being experienced by our country.

Direzione Verticale, has contributed actively to the event handling along with several other participants and volunteer associations in the area of Via Argine in Naples, distributing envelopes for the collection, sensitizing donors and dealing with the transportation of tons of food to the Food Bank of Campania. An initiative that saw us in the forefront for solidarity for the first year with the food bank and the neapolitan territory. A territory that understands the needs of the latter and in my opinion more sensitive to the needs of the needy.

As a volunteer in close contact with donors, for the record and sensitivity, I noticed the atmosphere, social sharing and solidarity that is capable of giving the people in these very important events. A great civic sense of the neapolitans of Via Argine.

How not to mention people who alluded to the social and economic situation of our country? We had to make puns with poverty and the new Government (established only a few weeks ago) that I "hope" will not make us more poor.

Francesco Galasso

The article on food collection day 2011 by "il resto del carlino"




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