PON and En Plain Air activities UISP

WALKING – BIKING – CLIMBING in nature: this is the title of the project PON F1 that the European Community has funded supporting the initiative of the SMS “O.Bordiga-Bordiga3” of Naples. A PON en plain air mountain sports, where external figures take part as experts belonging to the Mountain League Uisp Campania which promote, through laboratory activities, the basic principles of outdoor sports, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, activities that are conducted in safe environment through the Uisp membership.

A 60-hours module that sees the involvement of boys and girls at risk of early school leaving, social, disabilities through workshops dealing with topics such as: the fundamental techniques of hiking in the mountains and in the cities, the study of differences in terrain, biking, assembly and disassembly of a bike, the basic techniques of sport and protected climbing, materials study, trail maps, knowledge of environmental issues in educational form acquiring knowledge and know how to be.

Knowledge: Learn about the environment and natural and cultural context in which we are inserted – Acquire the knowledge that man is part of the environment, from wich we depend and that we affects (sustainable development); Know how to be: Acquire behaviors of respect of all organisms and environmental components – Appreciate the natural environments and be convinced of their importance – Environmental awareness – Listen, share, change our actions. – Feel responsible for management of the environment and health – Education for active citizenship and legality; Improvement of the relationship Nature – Human – Action.

Kids, thanks to laboratory activities and direct contact with nature through the En Plain Air activities, live a new way of relating to the environment and the self, and create the basis to move towards a new social and legal life, enhancing the sense of respect, socialisation, integration, sustainability and environmental protection. New synergies and ideas implemented in a place where environmental and social abandonment is high and, through the work of the educational institution, are useful means to combat degrading and illegal social phenomena. The Walking – Biking – Climbing between nature module responds in full the objectives set in the funds that European Community puts at the disposal of schools. PON that began in February 2012 and that will see its conclusion with a demonstration on 2 and 3 May, 2012. Two days where kids will leave by bike from the city of Naples, greeted by the Mayor, De Magistris and will reach the town of Lettere to implement the acquired practices.

But what is PON? The European Community to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion, reducing disparities between regions and those lagging behind, since 1994, created a national operative program "school for development" directed at schools of the regions of southern Italy: Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily. The funds that the European Community provides (FSE) and (FESR) have a vast plan of financial assistance that act in development of education and training of the southern regions which has as its major objectives: the reduction of the phenomenon of early school leaving; the development of the society, the knowledge and the information, the broadening of basic skills; support for the mobility of young people and the development of tools to ensure integration with the world of work; the development of lifelong learning; the training of teachers and school staff; the strengthening of equal opportunities; the development of an environmental culture.

Direzione Verticale with Adotta un Rifugio and Pon Bordigainsieme of the activities of the association, the commitment and the spread of sport as an opportunity of meeting and social improvement. Photos: "pon" national operational plan European Union funded for the guys at "risk" and placed on a design path recovery as "adopt a shelter" promoted by the social cooperative "yng yang" in collaboration with regione Campania.




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