Refuge on Mount Cerreto -1316 mt of Lattari Mountains

Mount Cerreto with 1316 metres high is one of the most imposing mountains that give directly onto the sea, the second in height of all the Lattari Mountains. On its top Ocialan (Alfonso Tedesco) founded his temple and his "Palace". This Palace has given hospitality to hundreds of "travellers", mountain refuge and shelter to those who wanted to take heart from the fatigue of the journey, I also found my place as "subject" of the "Kingdom of nature". Here I fell in love with the mountains, a school undoubtedly tough but sincere as often doesn't happen in everyday life. A place that teaches not to cheat and to be honest with yourself and what you do.

Refuge on Mount Cerreto - Ocialan Palace

Refuge on Mount Cerreto – Ocialan Palace

Unfortunately there is to think again even here in the face of such beauty and pure lifestyle when some episodes occurs. In the article by Modestino Davis describes briefly this story up to a pretty curious circumstance, the fire at the hands of shady and not better identified individuals of "Ocialan Palace" the refuge of the Lattari Mountains and Cerreto.


The refuge on Mount Cerreto -1316 mt Lattari hut burned lattari mountain fire

the burning of the hut


Here is the article

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