I Faito Outdoor Fest 18 e 19 Settembre 2021

[caption id="attachment_10134" align="aligncenter" width="1185"] programma generale manifestazione[/caption] La nostra Montagna Sul Mare sarà luogo di incontri, festa, allegria e sopratutto di ARRAMPICATA. Questo Fine Settimana saremo impegnati all’organizzazione del primo FAITO OUTDOOR FEST . Daremo la possibilità agli iscritti all’APP BOOKYWAY ( non solo ai nuovi membri DV) di partecipare GRATUITAMENTE alle attività di Arrampicata. Sarà un bel momento comunitario per scoprire...


ice climbing stage 2018 direzione verticale

Stage ice climbing cascate ghiaccio ice climbing stage 2018 vertical direction Climbing training on icefalls (ice climbing) to the serge of sottoguda (dolomites) organized by direzione verticale Ice climbing (it also refers to ice falls to refer to the activity) is a discipline deriving from alpinism and climbing. It consists in climbing with the fundamental help of ice axes and crampons, and with the use of other materials, on the icy mountain formations.  ...


Alta Via dei Monti Lattari – Trek Amalfi Coast

Alta Via dei Monti Lattari - Trek Amalfi Coast Since 1997 the Amalfi Coast is inserted between the sites of the UNESCO World Heritage List and this recognition, linked to its uniqueness in terms of identity, artistic and cultural environment makes the navel of the entire Mediterranean Sea basin. The Amalfi republic was called the most prosperous, noble and illustrious city of Longobardia "... here they lived the best navigators of the time and when they came merchants from all parts of the...



Bolting routes it’s a nobile work. Bolters are volunteers but deserve tutelage by territorial agencies: municipality, region, parks. Bolting routes it’s expensive but climbing associations don’t stop their action....


Mont Blanc: Vertical Challenge, on Rai 2

Today starts the reality show adventure celebrity game «Mont Blanc» on RaiDue conducted by Caterina Balivo and the mountaineer Simone Moro. Seven vips coupled to as many alpine guides from Val d'Aosta will compete to conquer the Roof of Europe. A show that was not accepted willingly in the mountaineering world, there were even harsh stances from the CAI of Val d'Aosta and Piemonte. http://direzioneverticale.tumblr.com/post/132895070488/parte-oggi-il-reality-showadventure-celebrity...


O’ Sarracino Deep Water Solo Amalfi

Our video has exceeded the official selections of EpicTv for the Boooom Fest Summer 2015, a short film festival dedicated to outdoor sports. Shot in Amalfi coasts and dedicated to the South, the self-produced videos by Direzione Verticale with Renato Carosone's music, was admitted in the official selection of the prestigious web channel dedicated to extreme sports. Presenting in an ironic way, we decided to show and tell a piece of our land, of southern Italy, where nature gives us a...


Refuge on Mount Cerreto -1316 mt of Lattari Mountains

Mount Cerreto with 1316 metres high is one of the most imposing mountains that give directly onto the sea, the second in height of all the Lattari Mountains. On its top Ocialan (Alfonso Tedesco) founded his temple and his "Palace". This Palace has given hospitality to hundreds of "travellers", mountain refuge and shelter to those who wanted to take heart from the fatigue of the journey, I also found my place as "subject" of the "Kingdom of nature". Here I...


Dean Potter

People often believe that I am not afraid, but it is easy to see in the pictures above my jumps the strong emotions that I feel while calculating the risks. Dean Potter Dean has often been called a visionary, an experimenter, a fearless, sometimes controversial ... He accomplished memorable feats and is among the most popular climbers of america and the world. It was a pioneer and a precursor to joining the thin bridge between flight and climbing, conceiving the "freebase"....


Climbing Naples with Vesuvio View

Feared, invoked, admired. Without him, our country would not be the same. We speak of Vesuvius, which honors this video signed Direzione Verticale. One of the strengths of the climbing is the opportunity it offers to have new perspectives to admire the natural wonders that surround us. That reminding us why our Italy is also called the "Bel Paese"....


Gaeta Climbing Multipitch – Montagna Spaccata

Climbing is also culture, a journey inside oneself but especially to discover fantastic places like Gaeta, a pearl of the Mediterranean from a special point of view, in Direzione Verticale. Montagna Spaccata was the location of our multipitch stage on long routes. We are in a corner of clear skies and warm sunshine, among Italy gripped by rain and risk situations, in Gaeta the area that marks the boundary between central and southern Italy that still has the strong character of the past...




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